A Year In A Growing Dance Community

There have been moments in my life where everything I have prayed for and worked towards intersected. Never have I achieved such significant milestones alone. Most often it has been a chance conversation that led to exactly what I envisioned. I see these chance conversations as prayers answered. This is what happened with Hard Rock Cafe. I knew that an important element to fostering growth in a dance community was to have a venue that people would be drawn to. A place where couples could have a dates, friends could have a night out, out of town visitors could have a unique experience, and dance students from all local and out of town studios, could have a place to practice. Hard Rock Cafe provides such a place.

For a year I have promoted this event and taught lessons during which I have witnessed growth and a deepening sense of community. It has been hard work. It has taken me from my family most weekends. For a time I was driving 6 hours round trip to make sure I taught the Intro Lesson and was there as a host. Now I drive 3 hours round trip. I do not have visions of grandeur. Just as opportunities come into my life they can be taken away so I do not take the present for granted and I strive not to become attached.

The depth of gratitude I feel towards my husband for his support cannot be adequately expressed. Bravo to Luis Rivera for his vision and to Hard Rock Cafe for its support.

Thank you to everyone who has come out and chooses to spend an evening dancing with us.

Let's make 2018 even better!!!

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