OMI Graduates

You have completed our 7 week, transformative course, and you want to know where to go from here? 

JOIN our supportive continuing education group Cyclebreaker Initiative 

Already joined the Cyclebreaker Initiative? Just login. 

ATTEND Graduate Gatherings held every 3-4 months.

The Cyclebreaker Initiative

Join our private online community, CYCLEBREAKER INITITATIVE, where the focus is on continuing education and creating a space for support and encouragement. There is a fee for membership in the group, with a 14 day free trial. The following is offered regardless of the payment plan you choose:

  • Virtual Dinner Discussions

  • OMI Module Seminar

  • Guest Speaker/Presenter Events

  • Action planning and support

  • Monthly Reflection Space

  • Online Discussion Space

  • Learning from other graduates

  • 2, 1 hour Virtual Meetings A Month

Once we have received notification of your payment you will be invited to join THE CYCLEBREAKER INITIATIVE.


Steps to Join the Cyclebreaker Initiative

1.   PURCHASE, your payment plan using the list below.

2.   Click, JOIN,  on The Cyclebreakers Initiative  group page.  

3.  CHOOSE,  Sign Up to create a username and password, OR use your Gmail or Facebook credentials.

4.  CHECK, email that your Membership is approved (You may delete this email as I will receive a notification.)

    * You can install the Wix Spaces app on your phone ,which is much easier for access, or use your desktop.
5.  GO TO OMI Graduates page and choose JOIN so you can login into the group

    * Click the same Join button you did the first time

6.  ANSWER, a few membership questions and hit submit

7.  APPROVED! You will receive an email that you are approved. Click VIEW GROUP and write your introduction post.