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Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

Aroha Studio Collective Gould Business Incubator, Suite 137 ADDRESS: 1951 Pisgah Rd Florence SC GETTING TO THE BUILDING: #ArohaStudioCollective is located on Florence Darlington Tech Campus in the Gould Business Incubator. Follow signs for SiMT and we are next door in the Gould Business Incubator, Suite 137.

How often do you have classes?

In Florence, we have classes twice a week for 4 weeks and then take a 2 week break before starting a new 4 week series. In Columbia, one day a week for 4 weeks and then take a 1 week break before starting a new 4 week series.

Can I pay for an entire 4 weeks?

Yes! This is our VIP Pass. We prefer when students pay for an entire 4 week series. Students who choose this option pay with significant discount. This includes ALL classes for 4 weeks plus a guest instructor.

Do you accept drop ins?

Yes. It is $12 per class per person per class.

Can students pay per class?

Yes. Classes are $10/hour with the exception of Family Slide which is $5.

Do you accept credit/debit cards?

Yes. We prefer cards and accept them online and onsite. If you must pay cash please bring the EXACT amount as we do not carrry change with us.

Do I need to have a partner to come to class and/or the socials?

No, you do not. In class we change partners and students are encouraged to dance with one another.

Is there a certain way to dress for class?

Not really. We encourage students to wear comfortable clothes, shoes without grip and we suggest that beginner ladies wear flats and not heels.

How will I know I have progressed?

We teach using the Black Belt System which adopted the martial arts belt system as a way of marking student progress. All students start out in White Belt. To progress from one belt to the next students are tested for specific skills before they are passed to the next belt. Currently we have White, Orange, Yellow, Camo, and Green belt levels.

How quickly will I progress?

It really depends on the student. How often they attend class, how often they practice between classes, and if they do private lessons from time to time. As long as a student can demonstrate that they have acquired the skills covered in a belt level they can move on.

If I miss a class will I be able to catch up?

Yes. Students who miss a class are encouraged to book a private lesson. If you do not take a private lesson, you will do the class you missed at a future time.

If I complete a belt level and then don't come to class for awhile, do I have to start all over?

Not necessarily. Students who start classes and then have to stop for a period of time are encouraged to do a private lesson to be reacquainted with what they learned and to make sure they are ready to move on to the next level. If a returning student is not able to demonstrate a good grasp of the skills they will be asked to repeat the degree and will be re-tested to move to the next belt.

If I am not ready to move on, can I stay where I am?

Yes. We encourage students to be aware of their own progress and if they don't think they are ready to move on it is fine to re-take belt level.

How much are private lessons?

Sensei Adalia charges $45 per hour. Students may book with Sensei Adalia or one of the Apprentices. Speak directly with the person that you want to take a private with.

Can I be on Aroha Dance, the student performance team?

Yes, if you are a consistent student. Choreography is based on what is learned in class so students must be coming to class consistently. The dance team is not for instruction.

I see you have an Instructor Training program. Do I have to be a dancer or instructor to join the program?

The only pre-requisite is that people entering the program have completed White Belt and successfully tested to Orange Belt. Sensei Adalia has a comprehensive and rigorous training program where you will not only learn steps but best practices for teaching others.