Do you feel racial tensions are escalating?

Have you recently understood that systemic racism exists?

Are you surprised by how widespread systemic racism is now?


Quick Tips From OMI Graduates

Moving beyond guilt and shame to speak up about Racism

Channeling anger into meaningful action and a vibrant, like-minded community

What People Are Saying


"The training provides an effective outlet to practicing how to learn, listen, and speak about racism and role of the individual. Too often it can feel like one person can not make effective changes but the training highlights how small interactions can positively or negatively impact interactions. It is important to always learn, listen, and speak with understanding."


Our Moral Imperative


'Participating in Our Moral Imperative was transformative for me. The group helped me to see how important it is to work with and talk to white people about racism, to shift from guilt and shame about my own biases into honest sharing and positive action, to actively engage in reflection, and to create personal action plans and work with supportive groups to stay engaged for the rest of my life. This class felt like the first steps in working with white folks to create a new, antiracist white culture. Adalia is a wonderful teacher- she's sculpted curriculum that effectively moves people from well-intentioned white people to engaged allies."

Sara, Participant-

Our Moral Imperative


"I really enjoyed the training and it allowed me to understand how I can be passively contributing by not speaking up and out. It provide me understanding of when to speak and a great understanding of how micro-aggression can be loudly discouraging."


Our Moral Imperative


"The greatest benefit for me in taking this training is to stop my urge to save others. I will learn to embody justice in how I care for my soul, in how I speak to injustice with other white people and how I stand with oppressed Americans who want me beside them."

Elizabeth, Participant-

Our Moral Imperative