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        3rd Annual
                   May 20-22, 2022
                         In person with virtual option

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Our purpose in organizing this symposium is to create a space for exploration of possibilities for using the arts for social action. We define social action as being an action that leads to any of the following: healing, education, community building, and/or community action. The spirit of this undertaking is one of exploration, collaboration, encouragement, urgency in action with the underlying principle being love.


The Convergence Symposium is in honor of Moya Moye

Moya was murdered in New Orleans in February 2018. A Baha'i, a leader in the Black Lives Matters movement, an artist and a mentor to many children and youth, his death broke the hearts of countless people. This gathering in his memory is meant to lift the hearts of those who knew him, lead to action in our communities, provide a space for collaboration and create a unified  community of world changers.

Registration: Two Steps

Registration is now open for the 3rd Convergence Symposium. In person space is limited to 20 participants. Anyone coming in person must be vaccinated, can show proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test. The limit for those who participate via Zoom is 30.


STEP 1: Registration fees are sliding scale and we don't require any paperwork showing income. Consider your financial circumstances and pay what you can. All monies received will go towards honorariums, travel and lodging expenses for the facilitators, as well as materials and costs related to hosting the event. The organizer of the the event receives no compensation. 
: Registration information is needed for each person in attendance whether onsite or online. You will be taken to a form to provide this information.


  • Where:  Aroha Afro Latin Dance Studio, 167 North Dargan St Florence SC 29506

  • Getting Here: Florence has an airport that American Airlines serves.
    For those traveling by car, Florence is conveniently located on I-95 and I-20.

  • Lodging: There are many hotels here because of the interstates and there are also AirBnB properties. There are two hotels in downtown Florence where the venue is located, Hyatt Place and Hotel Florence. 

  • Getting Around: Although Lyft and Uber are here they are not reliable. Carpooling will be the best way to get around once you are here. 

  • Meals:  Meals are on your own. We will allow for ample time in the schedule to get to restaurants or order food to eat onsite.


Our Moral Imperative: A Revolutionary 
Change in White America

For white people who consider themselves anti-racist and allies of people of color in the work to address racism and white supremacy, this workshop will explore how white people can become even more effective agents of change through breaking cycles of generational racism and white supremacy. 
We will reflect on the action of cycle breaking and using various art forms, groups will create artistic 

Connecting with Creation
During the pandemic, when resources were being hoarded by settlers our community sought healing by connecting with the Land. As an oral culture, we rely on the Knowledge Keepers and Storytellers to learn Protocol. We will have a conversation on what it means to Heal by connecting with the Land/Creation while being a good Relative.


Social Action Through The Lens
Digital media literacy is quickly becoming another powerful way to communicate with and understand others. Digital media literacy is needed to address the digital divide and inequity of access. 



Beautiful Dances of Defiance

We will explore the roots of Afro Latin dances in context of historical lived experience, socio-political realities, and the enduring impact of African descended peoples. 


The Arts Strategic Wellness in the Face of Neglect within Social Justice Movement Work

Since the advent of the COVID pandemic, distressed communities have had a heighten experience with social injustice and neglect as a form of abuse. Anana Harris Parris will be presenting on the advent of neglect as a form of abuse within the frameworks of social justice movement communities and how the use of the arts serve as a strategy for wellness and self-care.


Praise, Protest, and Purpose 
Music as a socio-spiritual model of racial healing and restoration


Understanding and embracing the power of movement


Using Poetry for Spiritual and Social Healing 

Harnessing words to express what the heart and

spirit need to say can be a powerful tool for individual and collective healing. 

Complexity Convergence - The Courage to Re-Imagine the Future in our VUCA Society
(Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous)


VUCA denotes the seemingly chaotic society we currently live in where we understand our society as "complex", however art is the essence of amalgamating all forms of beauty in the otherwise tumultuous existence we live in. Dare I say art is the last existing BEAUTY. VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. It describes the situation of constant, unpredictable change that is now the norm in certain industries and areas of the business world. VUCA demands that you avoid traditional, outdated approaches to management and leadership and day-to-day working. 


My goal is to show how the art of communication is the great equalizer in bringing all of life's seemingly complex components to a place of understanding in an effort to create synchronicity by merging societal ecosystems. High-level, effective communication through systemic thinking is what I will attempt to present in my 15 min presentation and through the time allotted through an interactive activity, highlighting the importance of understanding how systems MUST communicate effectively.



Adalia Bahiyyih Ellis

Organizer and Founder

Primary Contact:

(843) 304-2034



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Timothy Conley 
Los Angeles, CA
Deronda Hannibal
Florence, SC
Anana Harris-Parris
Atlanta, GA
Christopher McCrayFlorence, SC
    • Executive Director of NEXT IS NOW

    • Christopher David McCray - Iam David

    • Operations Manager/Business Owner CEO of ABE Global Inc.

    • /Writer/Business Visionary Consultant

    • Speaker/Teacher/Father/Partner and Lover of Human Existence

Kimimila Locke
Wakpala, SD
Adalia Bahiyyih Ellis
Florence, SC
  • Founder, Aroha Arts Collective

  • Founder, Aroha Afro Latin Dance

  • Professor of Public Speaking Francis Marion University

Leya R. Elijah
Florence, SC
  • Founder/Artistic Director of Pee Dee Community Arts Team

  • Founder, This Is What A Fighter Looks Like

  • CEO/Owner, Black Diamond Productions

Eric Dozier
Nashville, TN
  • Founder, Executive Producer &
    Owner of 67 Entertainment, DBA

  • Department chair of Cinema, 
    Columbia College Hollywood

  • Professor of Business, Film, and Media, Santa Monica College

  • Founder and Owner, Legacy Ink

  • Poetess

  • Publisher

  • Public Speaker




Donations of any amount are welcome! Through our partnership with Mingle of the Pee Dee, a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status,  your donation will be tax deductible. All monies received will be 

applied towards the cost of the 3rd Convergence Symposium.