Let's Talk About Race In America

The people of America and the world watched in horror as a police officer kneeled on the neck of George Floyd and listened as he begged for his life. His death, like the deaths of countless other people of color at the hands of police and white citizens, caused an outcry for change. But something shifted with the death of Mr. Floyd as more and more white citizens came forward and began to ask questions about what they could do. 

In answer to this question, we have developed a  course specifically for the white community to tackle these hard questions, to address behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism and to integrate anti-racism actions, small and large, in everyday life. This course, which was developed for the white community in general, has been augmented for the Baha'i Community to include Sacred Writings, Guidance, Focus on the Core Activities and living a cohesive life that allows you to address the unique role of white individuals who have embraced Baha'u'llah and His Teachings through the Baha'i Faith.

Our Moral Imperative: A Revolutionary Change In White America​

  • Seven, 2 hour online sessions

  • Prayers at the opening and close of weekly sessions.

  • A blend of sacred Writings/Guidance and secular materials

  • Each workshop builds on the other.

  • Action Steps between sessions, direct support between sessions, and take home materials.

  • Access to the course and community in Google Classroom

  • Pre-work and follow along materials for sessions.

  • Resources for further learning.

  • Group course: Groups of 5 or more are welcome to contact us about
    offering the course specifically for your group. 

  • Payment Options (Service fees included when registering.)
    - Scholarship Available: Contact Us
    - Pay standard individual rate $210 
    - Pay in 3 installments of $70                





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